Modelling Biology Using Graph Language

Abstract: At Eagle Genomics, we use graph databases to model the biological domain. This enables the scientist to access the relevant information and insight they are looking for in a number of industries, including pharmaceuticals, healthcare and the food industry. With the advances in extracting and analysing biological information in the - omics, and the substantial increase in access to computing power, the focus is now on managing and relating these data. The evolution of biological data and information is qualitative as well as quantitative. We have found that the context and complexity of the data has become increasingly as critical as the quantity, and lends itself to establishing graph based causal inference. Within this talk, we will explore the work we have done in modelling biological data dynamically.

Sven Sewitz

Head of BioData Innovation

Eagle Genomics

Radouane Oudhriri

Chief Data Scientist

Eagle Genomics