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Welcome to the Microbiome Drug Database, the most comprehensive publicly available global database of microbiome biotechs developing pharmaceuticals, consisting of over 220 companies and 700 active research programs.

A live tool designed for business development, M&A target scouting and technology analysis for companies and individuals interested in microbiome drug development. Given the dynamic nature of the growing microbiome industry, it is updated on a regular basis, to depict as accurately as possible, the current landscape of microbiome drug biotechs. See the full definitions and exclusion criteria of the analysis here.


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Therapeutic Application

Search by each research programme’s Therapeutic Application, including Oncology, Gut-Brain Axis, Immune-Mediated Diseases, Dermatology, Metabolic Diseases and Infectious Diseases

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Therapeutic Approach

Browse by the Therapeutic Approach employed by each research programme, including: Faecal Transplant, Defined Consortium, Single Strain, Postbiotics, Small molecules, GMO microorganisms, Bacteriophages and Microbiome-Based Diagnostics.


Development Stage

Filter by the Stage in which is research program currently is.

A useful tool to search preclinical vs clinical-stage companies.

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Find companies by Geography.

Whereas over the majority of microbiome biotechs are based in the USA, Canada or Europe, a growing number of them are being founded in other geographies like China, South Korea and Israel.