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Welcome to the Microbiome Drug Database: A live online tool, updated on a regular basis, that depicts the current microbiome pharma landscape. It is the most comprehensive global database of microbiome biotechs developing pharmaceuticals, consisting of over 310 companies and 1,350+ active research programsSee the full definitions and inclusion criteria of the analysis here.

Who should Subscribe to the Microbiome Drug Database and Why?


Service Providers:

  • Contract Development & Manufacturing Organisations
  • Contract Research Organisations
  • Sequencing Companies
  • Consultancies

Business Development:

Identify potential biotech partners by matching relevant research programs to your expertise. By keeping and eye on the development stages, you can make contact at the right time through our Linked In integration tool or company email.

Microbiome Biotechs Strategic Decision Making

Keep an up-to-date view on the microbiome drug landscape to help IP decisions, benchmarking, current analytics to approach investors as well as identify potential collaborations and partnerships.

Pharma & Investors Scouting

Keep an up-to-date view on the microbiome pharmaceutical landscape, scout new investments, technologies and strategic partnerships as well as identify niches and trends.

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Annual Subscription: €4950

(exc. VAT) per organisation.

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