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Welcome to the Microbiome Drug Database, a live tool, updated on a regular basis, to depict as accurately as possible, the current microbiome pharma landscape. It is the most comprehensive global database of microbiome biotechs developing pharmaceuticals, consisting of almost 300 companies and 1,000+ active research programs. See the full definitions and exclusion criteria of the analysis here.

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Who should Subscribe to the Microbiome Drug Database and Why?

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Therapeutic Application

Search by each research programme’s Therapeutic Application, including Oncology, Gut-Brain Axis, Immune-Mediated Diseases, Dermatology, Metabolic Diseases and Infectious Diseases, as well as specific disease target.



Therapeutic Approach

Browse by the Therapeutic Approach employed by each research programme, including: Faecal Transplant, Defined Consortium, Single Strain, Postbiotics, Small molecules, GMO microorganisms, Bacteriophages and Microbiome-Based Diagnostics.


Development Stage

Filter by the Stage in which is research program currently is.

A useful tool to search preclinical vs clinical-stage companies.

Phases Clinical Trials




Find companies by Geography.

Whereas over the majority of microbiome biotechs are based in the USA, Canada or Europe, a growing number of them are being founded in other geographies like China, South Korea and Israel.