Microbial LLC Launches Profauna 100, a High-Count, Multi-Strain Probiotic for Dogs to Support Digestive Health

The Microbial LLC, a company primarily focused on developing and commercializing high quality pet probiotics that benefit the animal microbiome, launched Profauna 100, a new high-count, multi-strain probiotic specifically developed to support a dog’s digestive health.

Digestive health issues such as diarrhea, vomiting, and loss of appetite are the second most common health issues for dogs and can happen when a dog’s gut bacteria or microbiome is out of balance. One of the most efficient and effective ways to help a dog maintain a healthy microbiome is with a high-count, multi-species probiotic that contains live bacteria.

“We found many dog parents were giving their dogs probiotics designed for people without understanding their dog’s stomach is likely to be 10 to 100 times more acidic than the human stomach. We developed Profauna 100 specifically for dogs as an alternative for consumers using human probiotics or canine probiotics that haven’t been effective. Each strain of bacteria was reviewed for its ability to tolerate stomach acid, low pH and bile acids to make sure it travels all the way through the dog’s GI tract and adheres to the intestinal wall,” says Kamilah Lewis, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications for Microbial LLC.

Profauna 100 contains 8 strains of bacteria delivering ≥100 billion live bacteria per 1gram of powder, which is one of the highest count probiotics available for dogs. Probiotics formulated for dogs are referred to as “direct-fed microbials” by the animal feed regulatory body AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). Research shows roughly one-third of probiotics for dogs contains ingredients that are not listed in the AAFCO Official Publication (OP); however, all the ingredients in Profauna 100 are listed and generally considered safe by AAFCO.

“We are really excited about this launch and we’re even more excited that 94% of pet owners using Profauna 100 during our pet trial program reported an improvement in the quality and quantity of their stools within just 30 days of using Profauna 100,” adds Lewis.

Source: Microbial LLC