TargEDys, a French microbiome start-up, collects the award for “Best Nutraceutical Product of the Year”

EnteroSatys® was named “Best Nutraceutical Product of the Year” at Food Matters Live Awards 2019. The awards ceremony took place on Tuesday 19 November at ExCeL London as a part of a broader event, now in its sixth year, creating cross-sector connections and focusing on the future of food and sustainable nutrition.

This year, several hundred entries in 14 categories were evaluated by a multidisciplinary jury made up of experts from the world of nutrition and health. The judging panel appreciated the innovative character of EnteroSatys® and its solid scientific base.

EnteroSatys® is a dietary supplement which was developed by TargEDys as a result of more than 15 years of research on microbiome and the gut-brain axis, in cooperation with researchers of University and CHU Rouen and Inserm. TargEDys has already won this year at NutraIngredients Awards in Geneva the prize for “Ingredient of the Year” in the category Weight Management for ProbioSatys® which is the technology behind EnteroSatys®.

“We are very pleased and honoured to win this prize for EnteroSatys because it proves that even a biotech start-up can succeed against big players when it has good scientific data. It also proves that products that are developed based on the new discoveries of the gut-brain axis and the microbiome are the future!”

quoted Gregory Lambert, CEO of TargEDys, after the awards ceremony.

TargEDys has identified a specific commensal enterobacterial strain, Hafnia alvei 4597 that produces the ClpB protein. ClpB is a mimetic of the satiety α-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (α-MSH) that regulates eating behaviour at both peripheral and central levels. When released, ClpB directly stimulates the intestinal enteroendocrine L-cells to produce satiety hormones. ClpB also enters the bloodstream to act on satiety regulation in the central nervous system by mimicking α-MSH. The resulting effect is the feeling of satiety or fullness after a meal. It was tested in 5 different models, in 3 species and preclinical studies showed 5-10% reduction in food intake after 3 months, leading to a progressive weight loss of 3-5%, improved body composition, activation of lipolysis, decrease of blood sugar and better glucose tolerance.

This technology is based on the discovery which suggested that the connection between the microbiota and the central regulator of appetite is a new physiological mechanism, allowing the proposal of a novel appetite regulation model described by one TargEDys founders, Sergueï Fetissov, in Nature Reviews in 2017. The researchers have also identified an inversed correlation between the proportion of Enterobacteria in the gut microbiota and the BMI, meaning that the more the BMI is high, the less Enterobacteria are present in the microbiota which had led them to the search for safe enterobacteria that could help improving the satiety.

Unlike many other weight loss products on the market that have short-term effect and often reinforce the bad eating behaviour EnteroSatys® enhances the natural satiety pathways of the gut-brain axis and has a well described mechanism of action down to the molecular level. It promotes long-term results based on changes in eating behaviour.

EnteroSatys® contains Hafnia alvei 4597, Chromium and Zinc. It is regulatory approved and commercialized in France from December 2018 and available in pharmacies and online (www.enterosatys.fr).