SNIPR BIOME raises $50 million Series A financing to advance CRISPR-based microbiome drugs to human clinical trials

SNIPR BIOME, a leading CRISPR and microbiome private biotech company incorporated in Copenhagen, Denmark, today announced a $50 million series A financing led by existing investor Lundbeckfonden Emerge (Copenhagen) and LSP (Amsterdam), together with North-East Family Office (Copenhagen) and Wellington Partners (Munich).

SNIPR BIOME is pioneering a novel use of CRISPR/Cas technology to selectively and preciselyeradicate target bacteria, while leaving the rest of the patient’s microbial community intact.

The proceeds of the $50 million (€43 million, DKK320 million) financing will fund the further development of the company’s pioneering CRISPR technology platform and the company’s first clinical programs.

Comments Section

Dr. Christian Grøndahl, Co-founder & CEO:

“We have the potential to develop valuable therapeutics within multiple important disease areas. We will focus initially on precision medicines for difficult-to-treat infections and precision microbiome modulation in auto-immunity and cancer. We are utilizing the bacteria’s CRISPR/Cas immune system to selectively kill target bacteria based on specific DNA fingerprints.

We are thrilled to have obtained this massive and transformational funding and backing from absolute leading European VCs and investors in Lundbeckfonden Emerge, Life Science Partners, North-East Family Office, and Wellington Partners.”

Dr. Christian Elling, Managing Partner of Lundbeckfonden Emerge, and Chairman of SNIPR BIOME Board:

“SNIPR BIOME is based on cutting edge gene editing CRISPR science, which offers an opportunity to develop new effective and selective treatments towards a host of human diseases. Based on our original Exploratory Investment, the company has successfully matured its drug development technology and the current series A investment reflects this fact. We warmly welcome the new investors in the company and look forward to our continued collaboration with the team helping them grow the company to address important unmet needs of patients.”

Dr. Joachim Rothe, Partner at Life Science Partners, and Director of SNIPR BIOME Board:

“We are honored to become part of translating the exciting findings of the founders of SNIPR BIOME into life-saving products in an area of acute medical need. It is another example of outstanding European science with transformational clinical potential.”

Dr. Regina Hodits, Managing Partner, Wellington Partners, and Director of SNIPR BIOME Board:

“We are delighted to join the world leading team at SNIPR on their exciting journey of turning the promise of microbiome engineering into tangible products and benefits for patients.”