Health for Life Capital II™, World Leading Microbiome-focused Fund Announces its First Close

Target final close over €200 million to focus on the microbiome, and health, nutrition and digital/connected health sectors.

Seventure Partners, one of Europe’s leaders in financing innovation and a world-leader in life science microbiome investment, announces it has completed the first closing of its second dedicated fund focused on the microbiome, and health, nutrition and digital/connected health sectors, Health for Life Capital II™ (HFL II), with a target for the final close of over €200 million.

Health for Life Capital™ first fund (HFL) attracted strategic investments from prestigious organizations including Danone, Novartis, Lesaffre, Tornier, Unigrains and Bel. The new fund has attracted cornerstone investors from this first fund, as well as new strategic industry partners including a US based global food ingredient provider (to be disclosed), alongside financial institutional Limited Partners and entrepreneurial investors.

“We are proud to be trusted by prestigious industry champions as Danone, Novartis, our new US global food ingredient provider, Lesaffre, Bel, Unigrains etc. In addition, the close cooperation we have established will boost the financial performances of the fund. Our industry partners display strong innovative oriented strategy. They are world leaders and pioneers in supporting innovative food and health concepts”

commented Isabelle de Cremoux, CEO and Managing Partner of Seventure Partners, who led the fund raising.

Building on its successful investment strategy “beyond the pill”, Seventure’s latest fund will keep its core focus on the microbiome, including platforms, drugs, nutritional solutions, diagnostics and biomarkers, as well as opportunistic investments in digital therapeutics, connected health, digital nutritional advice, personalised nutrition, precision medicine and food technologies.

Seventure was ground-breaking when it launched HFL in 2014, becoming an acknowledged leader in its field by anticipating the microbiome revolution in the health and nutrition sectors. It has invested in an innovative portfolio of twenty companies at the forefront of their fields, such as Enterome, Vedanta Biosciences, MaaT Pharma, Eligo Bioscience, LNC Therapeutics, TargEDys, A-Mansia Biotech, BiomX, Microbiotica, Anaeropharma, NeurIMM, Siolta Therapeutics, DayTwo, Zipongo, Mdoloris Medical Systems, MycoTechnology and others. It achieved its first transactional exit with the trade sale of Cambrooke in 2017. HFL II will seek to invest in a similar number of companies, with a global focus, spanning Europe, North America, Israel, and opportunistically Asia. HFL II has already committed to its first two investments. Axial Biotherapeutics in the US and Galecto Biotech in Denmark.

Isabelle de Cremoux, CEO and Managing Partner of Seventure Partners, said:

“The significant interest we have attracted for our new fund is a testament to the exceptional experience the Seventure team has within the exciting field of the microbiome, and the exponential growth in our understanding of the interplay of the microbiome as well as nutrition and food on health, both for treating and preventing diseases and also maintaining people healthy at all ages from new-borns to elderly”.

“Research and investment in the microbiome was at its infancy when we launched our first fund in 2014. Fast-forward to 2019 and, alongside digital health, precision medicine and personalized nutrition, the microbiome has exploded and is one of the hottest areas for healthcare and nutrition investment.”

“HFL has already been approached by numerous pharma, diagnostics and food ingredient companies as well as financial investors. As we work towards our imminent final close of Health for Life Capital II™, we welcome discussions with investors with a like-minded passion for funding innovation at the intersection of microbiome, and health, nutrition and digital health sectors.”