Verb Biotics announces acquisition of YSOPIA Bioscience health and wellness strains

Verb Biotics acquires YSOPIA Bioscience's ­­strain library and IP assets.

Verb Biotics LLC., a microbiome innovation company, today announced that they have acquired YSOPIA Bioscience’s strain and IP portfolio targeted for human health and wellness.

The acquisition of YSOPIA’s strain portfolio includes one of the most comprehensive and well characterized libraries of Christensenella minuta available, the associated IP, and other unique bacterial strains.

“This acquisition will further our strategy; delivering breakthrough microbiome solutions that have specific mechanisms of action for targeted health outcomes such as gut-brain axis health, healthy aging, sports recovery, and metabolic support,”

said Todd Beckman, Verb’s CEO.

As a keystone bacterium, Christensenella minuta plays a major role in the development of a healthy gut microbiome. In observational and association studies, Christensenella has demonstrated an important role in regulating energy balance and metabolic homeostasis. The strain is an emerging technology that restores gut health through regulating inflammation.

“We’re excited to leverage our advanced technology platform to bring the next generation of breakthrough strains to the widest audience and look forward to building upon the great science that was started at YSOPIA,”

stated Camille Delebecque, Verb’s Head of Biotechnology.

Verb Biotics will incorporate the YSOPIA strain portfolio into their product library and plan to have a commercial offering in the next 18-24 months for food, beverage, and supplement brands.

“Brands are asking for innovation. By delivering these next generation strains we are expanding our breadth of function-first solutions,”

said Peggy Steele, Chief Commercial Officer at Verb.

About Verb Biotics
From discovery to scale, Verb Biotics applies science, technology, and intentional development to deliver microbiome health solutions. Verb Biotics is a business-to-business ingredient supplier of pro, post and synbiotics for food, beverage and dietary supplement brands.

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