Valbiotis Appoints Murielle Cazaubiel as Head of Development and Medical Affairs

Valbiotis, a French Research & Development company committed to scientific innovation for preventing and combating metabolic diseases, confirms its international expansion with the appointment of Murielle Cazaubiel, founder and former Executive Director of Biofortis Mérieux Nutrisciences Europe, to Director of Development and Medical Affairs, effective as of October 1st 2018.

Murielle Cazaubiel’s introduction to the VALBIOTIS management team provides an opportunity for the Company, at the time when it accelerates the international development of VALEDIA®, prepares the industrial production and a possible reimbursement. Murielle combines her specialized skills in clinical research with a leadership profile, working in close connection with our scientific, economic and regulatory environment. Both an entrepreneur and experienced manager in the field of clinical nutrition and health research, she also brings to the table her firsthand experience in the analysis of the microbiota and a strong focus on bio-informatics, including the processing of Big-Data. She has all the qualities needed to help take VALBIOTIS to the next level, to create the necessary bridges, from preclinical research to industrialization, and to bring products to market through one or several major players in the health sector,

states Sébastien PELTIER, CEO of VALBIOTIS.

The appointment of Murielle CAZAUBIEL supports VALBIOTIS’s objective to develop products with a very high level of clinical proof in order to secure strong health claims in Europe and North America. Her primary missions will include:

  • Clinical development of portfolio products in conjunction with health authorities, particularly the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, United States);
  • Market access for a potential reimbursement, particularly VALEDIA®, by supplemental health insurance and/or public health insurance system;
  • Industrial development in collaboration with Pierre Fabre, in order to prepare the industrial production of VALEDIA® and other products;
  • Management of regulatory affairs and product quality;
  • Development and valorization of research conducted on the intestinal microbiota;
  • Coordinating relations between VALBIOTIS and clinical opinion leaders, the medical community, health networks, and the health authorities.

I am really looking forward to taking on this challenge and to working with VALBIOTIS in order to start a new chapter in the prevention of diabetes and metabolic diseases. I believe in the Company’s totally original and pioneering approach to meeting the rapidly growing, worldwide health needs of those affected by or at risk for diseases. I can’t wait to work with the entire team in order to successfully conclude ongoing and future development programs, bring out value from the pipeline and explore promising interactions between VALBIOTIS products and the intestinal microbiota,

declares Murielle Cazaubiel.

Murielle has 25 years of experience behind her in nutrition and health. Before joining VALBIOTIS, she worked, starting in 2015, as Executive Director of Biofortis Europe, one of the leaders in clinical contract research (CRO – Contract Research Organization). She created the company herself in 2002, and it would join the Mérieux Group in 2009. Biofortis stands out for its design and completion of experimental research projects, both preclinical and clinical, with its central laboratory specializing in metabolic biomarkers, its metagenomics platform dedicated to analyzing the microbiota and its own clinical research center. Over the last decade, Murielle Cazaubiel has led a team responsible for the creation and development of clinical trial management at the Nantes University Hospital (CHU).

From 2012 to 2018, she acted as President of the French cluster «Atlanpole Biotherapies”, which aims to introduce new therapies and speed up the development of personalized medicine, by facilitating research programs between academics and manufacturers.