The Microbiome Drug Landscape report: Promising clinical performance and signs of a maturing industry

In a year dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, industry-leading microbiome-based drug products show strong clinical performance as established companies successfully garner new funds


Year 2020 has been a pivotal year for microbiome-focused drug companies. This year the industry saw the release of two much-anticipated Phase 3 studies, which showed positive results and set the stage for new confidence in an entire new class of drug candidates. Several Phase 2 studies completed this year also point to a good future for microbiome-based drug candidates. Also, a significant number of earlier-stage clinical trials have been initiated in recent months. Many of these studies are testing a variety of approaches in indications outside the classical ones in microbiome therapeutics, which may help further validate the microbiome as a druggable target.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected biotechnology companies, especially those around microbiome science, in many ways, and appears to have motivated a slight shift toward infectious disease applications of microbiome medicinal products. This year saw continued investment in the industry, with an overall increase in funding for established companies. Compared to 2019, dilutive funding in microbiome drug development has almost doubled, and non-dilutive funding has almost tripled. Together, these factors appear to show a maturing industry that is poised for growth in the coming years.


  • Overview of recent results of late-stage clinical trials with microbiome drugs
  • Overview of recent earlier-stage clinical trials initiation
  • Main financing rounds of microbiome drug developers
  • Impact of COVID on the microbiome industry and a renewed interest in infectious diseases
  • New partnerships between microbiome drug developers and big pharma
  • New microbiome drug and diagnostics developers


This 5000 word report is the first of a series of articles focused on the biotech landscape of microbiome drug development. The information provided is an in-depth analysis of over 250 companies developing microbiome therapeutics and their 800 research programs, taken from the Microbiome Drug Database™, the world’s most complete repository of biotechnology companies developing microbiome-based pharmaceuticals and diagnostics.

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