Prebiotic innovation made from prairie-grown potatoes earns FODMAP Friendly Certification as more clinical findings confirm that MSPrebiotic® helps promote a healthier gut

Prairie-grown potatoes have been enjoyed across Canada for years, and now through a patented technology a Manitoba company is transforming the popular tubers into an all-natural, single ingredient prebiotic fibre supplement that leads to improved gut health. Today MSPrebiotics Inc., announced its innovation, MSPrebiotic has earned FODMAP Friendly Certification, making it among the first products of its kind to earn this seal in Canada. As well, clinical findings further demonstrate the role of prebiotic fibre in supporting a healthy gut microbiome and also suggest dietary supplementation with prebiotics such as MSPrebiotic may be part of an effective strategy to reduce insulin resistance — a major risk factor for developing Type 2 Diabetes.

“Prebiotic fibre is key to maintaining a healthy gut, however it can be hard to consistently consume enough prebiotics from whole foods alone, creating a need for a prebiotic supplement,” advised Natasha Haskey, a Canadian Registered Dietitian, noted gut health expert and recent co-author of ‘Gut Microbiota: Interactive Effects on Nutrition and Health.’  “It’s key for Canadians to become more aware that prebiotics are an important to help support a healthy gut. An unhealthy gut is linked to a rise in a number of chronic conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and diabetes.”

Experts estimate that our ancient ancestors, who did not suffer from many of today’s chronic health conditions, ate diets rich in prebiotics, consuming a whopping 135 grams daily. Research shows that today’s North American adult diet contains significantly less fibre, and less than 5 grams of prebiotics per day. However, according to Haskey, supplements help fill the void as someone would need to eat four onions (one of the highest vegetable sources of prebiotic fibre) to equal the 7 grams of prebiotic fibre in just one 10 gram scoop of MSPrebiotic.

FODMAP Friendly Certification
In early 2018, MSPrebiotic Inc. was proud to learn MSPrebiotic earned the FODMAP Friendly certification, enabling the health supplement to carry the official FODMAP Friendly logo on the package. Those suffering from digestive issues, such as gas, bloating and pain, will now be able to easily identify foods that are safe to consume on the FODMAP diet. The Low FODMAP Diet is as an elimination diet used to identify specific food intolerances.

According to Tim Mottin, Director and Co-Founder FODMAP Friendly, “Sufferers of IBS are increasingly finding relief by following the clinically proven Low FODMAP Diet.  We also know that many people following a Low FODMAP Diet struggle to consistently include enough prebiotic fibre in their diet from Low FODMAP food sources.  MSPrebiotic is appealing as it is Certified as FODMAP Friendly and a widely accessible supplement to support overall gut health and regularity.”

Clinically Evaluated
MSPrebiotic is a source of prebiotic fibre that is fermented in the gut and serves as an energy source for the entire body, but one that is especially preferred by cells in the colon (or large intestine). MSPrebiotic stimulates the growth of the healthy bacteria (including some probiotics) by feeding them, leading to improved digestive health through restoration of the gut microbiota to a more health-associated state.

In a recent clinical trial led by Dr. Michelle Alfa at the St. Boniface Albrechtsen Research Centre,  MSPrebiotic was shown to improve insulin resistance and blood glucose levels in elderly individuals. Results were published in Frontiers in Medicine. The highly respected journal, Clinical Nutrition, also published clinical findings that MSPrebiotic was well-tolerated by the participants.  There is also mounting evidence that digestion resistant starch, like the type found in MSPrebiotic, has a number of additional health benefits, such as promoting regularity, improvements to metabolism, weight management, strengthening of the immune system and promoting a feeling of fullness or satiety – all which are linked with beneficial changes in the microbiota.

“From our clinical trial, we know MSPrebiotic more than doubles the abundance of five different beneficial bifidobacteria found in the gut, including species normally found in probiotic supplements,” said Dr. Jason Bush, Senior Scientist, MSPrebiotics Inc. “Adding more prebiotics to the diet helps to crowd out harmful bacteria, including pathogenic E. coli, leading to a healthier gut.”

MSPrebiotic Summary
MSPrebiotic is a flavourless, insoluble powder that is easily incorporated into water, juice, smoothies, yogurts, fruit compotes, dips and salad dressings and basic recipes (virtually any unheated food choice). MSPrebiotic can also be included in simple and delicious recipes such as MSPrebiotic® Expresso Mousse and MSPrebiotic® No Bake Nut and Raisin Granola Bar.

MSPrebiotic is 100 per cent made in Canada at a new, state-of-the-art facility, near Carberry, Manitobausing a proprietary process that extracts a premium quality, digestion resistant starch from potatoes. MSPrebiotic contains no preservatives, sweeteners, stabilizers, or any other additives. MSPrebiotic is proud to be certified Gluten Free by the Canadian Celiac Association and recently earned the FODMAP Friendly Seal. A plant-based product, MSPrebiotic is Non-GMO Project Verified, and it is suitable for vegan diets.