Nutraceutical Corporation Partners with Microbiome Medicine Pioneer Dr. Raphael Kellman, MD

Nutraceutical Corporation is pleased to announce that Dr. Raphael Kellman, MD will be advising the company in the development and promotion of its Solaray® Mycrobiome® Probiotic line of products. Dr. Kellman is a best-selling author and physician of integrative and functional medicine and is considered to be the father of modern microbiome medicine. “This is a partnership between two pioneers,” says Chad Clawson, CEO of Nutraceutical. “Dr. Kellman has been and continues to lead the advancement of modern microbiome medicine, and Nutraceutical has been a pioneer in the creation and advancement of the entire nutritional supplement industry and the variety of products and choices available to consumers.”

Nutraceutical is the top seller by unit volume of supplements in the US health food channel, where its Solaray® Mycrobiome® line of products are the fastest growing probiotic line*. Mycrobiome® probiotics are specially formulated for age and condition-specific needs using multiple strains at clinically significant doses and feature Enteric Shield® capsules to allow the probiotics to survive harsh stomach acid. According to Nutraceutical CEO Chad Clawson, “Solaray® Mycrobiome® supplements, which I personally believe are the best probiotics on the market today, demonstrate our company’s commitment to research, innovation, and quality manufacturing to assure we deliver the best possible supplements to consumers.”

Solaray® Mycrobiome® probiotics include the following 6 once-daily formulas: Urgent Care 100 Billion 24 Strain, Women’s Formula 50 Billion 24 Strain, Men’s Formula 30 Billion 24 Strain, Adult 50+ Formula 30 Billion 18 Strain, Weight Formula 50 Billion 18 Strain, and Colon Formula 50 Billion 18 Strain. New line extensions are anticipated this Fall and through 2019 based on research and clinical experience. In addition, the new Mycrobiome® probiotics are Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, formulated at Clinical Potencies, and deliver Multiple-Strain formulas. Finally, Solaray® offers a unique Enteric Shield® VegCap that delivers guaranteed protection of the probiotics from stomach acid, protection not found in most popular probiotics on the market today.

Max F. Willis, VP of Marketing and Education at Nutraceutical, states: “We are pleased to partner with Dr. Kellman, who coined the term ‘Microbiome Medicine’ and has written many best-selling books, including: ‘The Microbiome Diet,’ ‘Gut Reaction’ and ‘The Whole Brain.’ Dr. Kellman has demonstrated through his highly sought-after integrative microbiome practice how balancing the human microbiome can provide real solutions to many health concerns. Dr. Kellman will provide us with his expertise and guidance for the Mycrobiome® probiotic line of products, based on his successful clinical experience.”

Dr. Kellman states: “I am thrilled to be on board with the Solaray team. Their innovative, targeted probiotics are truly a breakthrough. When I recommend precisely which probiotics are needed to support my patients’ microbiome, the results are astounding. Not only does their health dramatically improve – so does their mood, weight, skin, and most of all their overall vitality and zest for life; all from the power of probiotics. That is what ‘Microbiome Medicine’ is all about. I coined that term because no two microbiomes are the same. We all have different needs, different health goals. And now, in partnership with Solaray, we can achieve even more innovation together. The results will truly be ‘frontier medicine.'”

Raphael Kellman, MD, graduate of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, pioneered a groundbreaking new brand of medicine and healing. He seamlessly integrates holistic and functional medicine with his visionary understanding of the world and nature, the root of who we are and its connection to health and healing. Dr. Kellman was the first doctor to recognize the profound importance of the microbiome; he speaks on the topic around the world and literally coined the term “Microbiome Medicine.”