New initiative in the fight against antibiotic resistance

BioGaia has taken the initiative to form a foundation to support the fight against antibiotic resistance. The tasks of the Foundation include, among other things, being able to provide direct financial support to projects aimed at combating antibiotic resistance through preventive measures.

The fight against the increasing and serious antibiotic resistance, that kills more and more people, is carried on many fronts. Organizations such as Strama and ReAct, as well as the Public Health Authority, work on various initiatives to reduce prescriptions of antibiotics, improve hygiene, and find new pricing models to improve pharmaceutical company incentives to invest in research to develop new antibiotics.

Focus on prevention
The Foundation will therefore focus on an area that is not prioritized, but one which can provide quite fast results at a relatively low cost. The Foundation focuses on preventive measures that strengthen the immune system and thus prevent infections. Fewer infections in turn reduce the need for antibiotics and hence the risk of antibiotic resistance.

The Foundation will be able to contribute financially to initiatives and projects such as research, education and information activities. The ambition is to be able to allocate the first funds by the end of 2018. The Board of the Foundation decides who may be eligible to receive grants and support. The Board consists of:

  • Peter Rothschild, Chairman of the Foundation. Founder and Group President of BioGaia.
  • Ewa Björling, Member of the Swedish Parliament and Minister for Trade in the 2007-2014 government. Minister for Nordic Cooperation 2010-2014. Doctor of Medicine and Associate Professor at the Karolinska Institute. Member of the Board of BioGaia.
  • Lars Engstrand, Professor at the Karolinska Institute, Department of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology (MTC). Director Centre for Translational Microbiome Research at Karolinska Institutet / Science for Life Laboratory. Lars Engstrand also has a large number of international assignments.
  • Anna Nordlander, Assistant Senior Physician at the Department of Infectious Diseases at Karolinska University Hospital.
  • Stig Wall, Professor Emeritus of Epidemiology and Health Care Research at Umeå University with experience of collaborative research work in Africa and Asia and as advisor to WHO.

The newly established Foundation is called The Foundation to Prevent Antibiotic Resistance. The initiative comes from BioGaia.

BioGaia intends to annually allocate part of the company’s profits to the Foundation, subject to approval by the AGM, which will have resources to use for scholarships and grants to those who conduct research, education or information activities aimed at reducing antibiotic resistance by preventing infections. For more information visit

Source: Biogaia