MyBiotics Signs Second Option to License Agreement with Ferring Holding for Microbiome-Based Therapies

MyBiotics Pharma Ltd., a microbiome therapeutics company, announced today that it has entered into a second option agreement with Ferring Holding Ltd. for the validation of MyBiotics’ microbiome-based therapeutics in the field of women’s health. This agreement follows the first agreement between the two parties signed in June 2017, for the validation of MyBiotics’ technology in the treatment of a non-disclosed gastroenterology condition.

MyBiotics has developed breakthrough and robust production and fermentation techniques for growing a highly stable and diverse bacterial community that can be delivered to the gut efficiently and can reliably restore microbiome equilibrium. The technology is highly potent and suitable for patients with medical indications related to the microbiome or for those who use antibiotics. Preclinical tests have shown that MyBiotics’ products deliver enhanced durability in various gastrointestinal and manufacturing conditions, enable targeted release in different gastrointestinal locations and exhibit robust colonization in the gut, with a stable bacterial population observed for 14 days following treatment.

“Within a few months we have entered into two collaborations with Ferring Holding, which is a true vote of confidence in the potential of our therapeutic approach”, stated David Daboush, CEO of MyBiotics Pharma. “Our technology enables us to generate concentrated and effective bacterial raw material that can be introduced into the gastrointestinal tract and restore ecological equilibrium to the gut microbiota. Combining our innovative technology with the extensive drug development and marketing expertise of the Ferring Group has the potential to lead to novel treatments in the fields of gastroenterology and women’s health, offering patients long term relief without significant risks.”

“This agreement is further evidence of Ferring’s commitment to seek out novel treatments for important medical conditions. Ferring is very active in the areas of gastroenterology and women’s health, and this partnership with MyBiotics is another indication of our commitment to discover and develop innovative microbiome-based treatments,” said Dov Kanner, Director of Ferring Holding. “It is clear by now that the microbiome is of profound importance to a wide variety of pathologies, ranging from digestive disorders through obesity, immune disorders, women’s health and more. Microbiome-based therapies are gaining increasing interest for a variety of microbiome-related indications, and we believe that MyBiotics’ technology will enable the development of such therapies, potentially offering treatment to millions of people around the globe.”

Currently available probiotic drugs and dietary supplements have limited clinical impact due to the low survival rates of the delivered bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. This significantly reduces the ability of probiotic bacteria to impact the microbial diversity of the gut, thus failing to create a healthier community of bacteria.