MicroBiome Therapeutics Launches Clinically-Tested Dietary Supplement Engineered to Modulate the Gut Microbiome

Team Led by Nationally-Known Biotech and Natural Foods Entrepreneurs Launches BiomeBlissTM, First-in-Class Product to Nourish, Shift and Protect the GI Microbiome

NEW ORLEANS, April 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — MicroBiome Therapeutics, LLC (MBT), a leading company applying the science of the gastrointestinal (GI) microbiome to promote health and wellness, today announced the launch of BiomeBliss™, a patented, first-in-class prebiotic dietary supplement specifically developed to support a healthy gastrointestinal (GI) microbiome. Developed by pioneering researchers and entrepreneurs, BiomeBliss nourishes, shifts and protects the GI microbiome ‒ the trillions of gut bacteria that affect health.

Two rigorous clinical studies conducted by Pennington Biomedical Research Center, a leading center of clinical nutrition research, show BiomeBliss helps control hunger, promotes regularity and supports overall health of the GI microbiome. Study results also show BiomeBliss helps maintain healthy mealtime blood sugar levels when already in the normal range. *

MicroBiome Therapeutics’ co-founder and CEO, Dale Pfost, PhD, is a successful, five-time biotechnology entrepreneur and venture capitalist who is also U.S. general partner of venture capital group Advent Life Sciences. Dr. Pfost notes, “BiomeBliss reflects almost a decade of research and product development. Many consumers are interested in their microbiome health as understanding of the multifaceted role of the GI microbiome grows, but few evidence-based options are available. We are proud to launch this first-in-class, scientifically formulated microbiome modulator whose benefits are supported by pharmaceutical-quality, peer-reviewed clinical studies. We look forward to working with a range of partners to ensure that BiomeBliss is rapidly accessible to consumers nationwide.”

BiomeBliss was developed by MBT co-founder and chief scientific officer Mark Heiman, PhD, a nationally recognized neuroendocrinologist, drug inventor and obesity researcher. The former CSO of obesity research for Eli Lilly Research Labs, Dr. Heiman is a respected microbiome researcher and has directed important discoveries into its role in human health. “A healthy GI microbiome aids in digestion. It also helps control hunger and regulate glucose, and supports the mucosal lining of the large intestine, a major component of the body’s immune system,” Dr. Heiman says. “BiomeBliss was developed through years of testing and research to identify the specific nutrients that help build a better microbiome and maintain its diversity.”

Reports suggest that a lower diversity of bacteria species in the microbiome is associated with higher body weight, reduced production of beneficial short chain fatty acids, and increased gut permeability (“leaky gut”). People with a greater diversity of bacteria species generally have lower body weight, less inflammation and a healthier immune system. Studies also show people who eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains have a greater number and diversity of microorganisms in their GI microbiome, but many modern diets lack the nutrients needed to maintain this diversity. BiomeBliss is designed to provide prebiotic essential micro-nutrients that may be lacking.

MicroBiome Therapeutics’ co-founder and chairman, John Elstrott, PhD, is a distinguished entrepreneur and entrepreneurship scholar. A former chairman of Whole Foods Market, he served as the first chief financial officer of natural foods innovator Celestial Seasonings, and recently retired as an award-winning professor at the Tulane University A.B. Freeman School of Business. Dr. Elstrott says, “Our rapidly expanding knowledge of the many ways the GI microbiome affects health is among the most exciting and potentially far-reaching developments in my career. I am delighted that Microbiome Therapeutics is the first to launch an oral microbiome modulator based on scientific evidence and compelling clinical data, and I look forward to its success as consumers experience the benefits of BiomeBliss first-hand.”

BiomeBliss is a natural, berry-flavored powder that mixes easily with water for a delicious, convenient drink. Made with nutrients isolated from blueberries, agave and oats, BiomeBliss supplies key prebiotics to the GI microbiome that are often missing from modern diets:

Inulin from plants provides nutrients that nourish and expand microorganism populations
Polyphenol antioxidants from blueberries shift the growth and activity of certain bacteria associated with a healthy microbiome
Beta-glucan from oats protects the GI’s mucosal lining and supports the immune system.*
BiomeBliss is currently available for purchase at the BiomeBliss website. Its launch is being supported by an e-commerce and social media campaign conducted in partnership with New Orleans-based Zehnder Communications. MBT is also assembling a nationwide network of registered dietitians and certified diabetic educators to support the launch.

*Claims made regarding BiomeBliss have not been reviewed by the FDA. BiomeBliss is not intended to treat, prevent or cure disease.