Metabolon, Inc. and DNA Genotek Collaborate on First Ambient-Temperature Microbiome Sampling Solution for Metabolomics

Metabolon, Inc., the global leader in metabolomics, and DNA Genotek, a subsidiary of OraSure Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: OSUR), have collaborated to bring OMNImet™·GUT, the first device for in-home collection and ambient-temperature storage and shipping of fecal samples for metabolomics, to the research market.

“For years, our customers from across biopharma, academia and population health have been asking for a validated, ambient-temperature solution to study metabolites in human feces,”

said Luke Miller, VP Laboratory Operations, Metabolon.

“When DNA Genotek approached us to validate their new in-home technology, we knew it would help to unlock a new realm of functional insights for microbiome research as well as other areas of health, wellness and disease research.”

In the past, the only option to study metabolites in feces required immediate freezing and cold chain shipping of the sample. Understanding the barriers this created for patient at-home collection, DNA Genotek collaborated with Metabolon for validation of the collection tubes and the stabilization chemistry necessary to protect the intricate nature of metabolites in feces and ensure sample integrity.

Metabolomics is uniquely positioned to provide a readout of the small molecule metabolites, which serve as the “language” for communication between microbiota and the host, and between microbial populations. Metabolon will offer its industry-leading metabolomics analysis and short chain fatty acid analysis on samples collected using OMNImet·GUT.

“We are excited to announce this strategic collaboration with Metabolon, which has validated our OMNImet·GUT collection device,”

said Scott Rabuka, Senior Director, Molecular Products at DNA Genotek, Inc.

“We recognized that in addition to our industry-leading OMNIgene® collection devices for metagenomics, customers were asking for an ambient-temperature collection and storage solution for microbiome metabolomics samples. Working with Metabolon, the clear metabolomics market leader, the OMNImet·GUT device provides scientists with an important new solution for metabolomics research and builds on our evolution towards a fully integrated multiomics company that creates and captures value from sample collection all the way to discovery.”

The proprietary stabilization chemistry in the OMNImet·GUT device provides ambient-temperature stability that does not require immediate freezing and cumbersome and expensive cold-chain logistics. It is designed to maintain the integrity of the sample for metabolomics analysis for multiple days at ambient temperature. The increased flexibility, ease of use and lower shipping costs provided by OMNImet·GUT device can provide significant advantages for clinical trial recruitment and execution.

“Metabolomics goes a step beyond what metagenomics can offer in the study of the microbiome by providing an in vivo understanding of the changing functionality of bacteria in the host,”

said Greg Michelotti, Scientific Director, Metabolon.

“This unique view is vital in supporting both clinical and population health studies because understanding functional changes is essential to understanding the drivers of health and the development of disease.”

Through this collaboration, Metabolon provided all metabolomic testing and validation of the device, ensuring rapid time to market and reliable, high-quality study results. This collaboration between Metabolon and DNA Genotek brings together the complementary capabilities of each company to broaden the global adoption of metabolomics in the study of health, wellness and disease.

OMNImet·GUT is intended for research use only.