Lallemand Health Solutions: Pioneering Microbiome Innovations with Expert’Biome™ CDMO

As the self-care movement drives consumers toward proactive health choices, the hunt for holistic well-being will stimulate innovations in the microbiome space. Scientific communities and consumers alike recognize the gut microbiome as an organ with significant potential impact on overall health and specific conditions. Research in this area has surged radically over the past decade, with publications increasing from under 400 in 2013 to over 25,000 in 2023(1). As we look ahead, Lallemand Health Solutions leads the way with an ambitious research program developed in 2020, aiming to further explore the microbiome and enhance human health.

Going One Step Further with Active Research Collaborations

Lallemand Health Solutions collaborates actively with leading research institutions, universities, and industry experts. By fostering partnerships, sharing knowledge, and participating in groundbreaking studies, Lallemand remains at the forefront of microbiome research. Given that at least 70% of human gut microbiome species remain uncharacterized, participation in initiatives aimed at better understanding the gut microbiome is crucial. Lallemand Health Solutions has solidified its position in the microbiome field by actively engaging in scientific and regulatory discussions. The company holds key positions in renowned associations such as the European Microbiome Innovation for Health (formerly known as Alliance Promotion Microbiome-APM), the Human Microbiome Action Project (HMA) and the French Gut project. Initiated by INRAe-MetaGenoPolis, the French Gut project involves a consortium of public and private partners focused on collecting 100,000 French intestinal metagenomes, along with associated nutritional and clinical data, for analysis. This ambitious endeavor aims to deepen our understanding of the links between microbiota, diet, and lifestyle.

69% of consumers who have heard of the gut microbiome state they are aware of its impact on overall health.(2)

Advancing Probiotic Research: From Systematic Microbiota Sampling to Next-Generation Strains

In the quest to understand the benefits of probiotics on human health, recent clinical studies have shifted focus from merely assessing clinical effects to exploring the influence of probiotic supplementation, including microbiome interaction. Lallemand Health Solutions now incorporates systematic microbiota sampling in every clinical study, allowing for a better understanding of host-microbe interactions. This systematic procedure, developed and completed in-house by the research lab team, includes a microbiome analysis pipeline—from the acquisition and processing of various samples to account for several human microbiotas (oral, skin, and vaginal swabs, fecal sampling, including from meconium). The collection of sample metadata, along with sequencing data and bioinformatics analysis, provides qualitative details on the microbiota composition at different sites on the human body.

The “Biotics” Revolution: Advancing Next-Generation Probiotics

New avenues are constantly being explored also in the type of ‘biotics’ being studied and produced. Postbiotics recently got a lot of attention on the market and were ranked as the fourth hottest ingredient in 2023(3), after prebiotics, probiotics and ashwagandha. Experts predict that pro and postbiotics will carry on growing in popularity within consumers. Postbiotics by Lallemand Health Solutions are generated by heat inactivation of probiotics, and this process maintains bacteria cells integrity. Because they are inactivated, they are valuable ingredients for their safety, stability, and compatibility with many ingredients: the use of postbiotics for future clinical applications holds a great potential due to their versatility. Lallemand has decades of expertise in controlling this process. The emerging “biotics” revolution also involves exploring the next generation of probiotics and live biotherapeutic products. Advances in our understanding of the microbiome have allowed the identification of beneficial commensal bacteria, known as next-generation probiotics (NGPs).  Some of these specific commensal strains have been positively associated with human health. Furthermore, recent regulatory approvals are paving the way for next-generation microbiome-based products as potential solutions to improve well-being across various health areas. Producing NGPs can be highly challenging due to their oxygen sensitivity, specific nutritional requirements, and vulnerability to mechanical stressors. Lallemand Health Solutions’ Microbiome program is dedicated to developing next-generation probiotics, supported by an integrated research platform spanning in vitro and in vivo models to clinical studies. The in-house research team at Lallemand focuses on expertise related to over 15 next-generation species, demonstrating their commitment to overcoming well-known bottlenecks, particularly with strict anaerobes that are sensitive to oxygen exposure. Strains from key phyla such as Verrucomicrobia, Clostridia, Bacteroidetes, Negativicutes, and Firmicutes serve as valuable models for innovative processes.

Bridging the Gap in Microbiome Bioproduction

Amidst the growing interest in the microbiome, many companies face challenges in bioproduction capacities and expertise(4). Start-ups may struggle to find contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) compliant with regulations and good manufacturing practices. Live biotherapeutics and anaerobic strains add complexity to the equation.

Expert’Biome™ CDMO: Innovations Backed by Experience

Discover Lallemand Health Solutions — a global leader in the probiotic industry’ Expert’Biome™ CDMO. Their turn-key services cover research and development, commercial production, and regulatory support. By addressing critical challenges in drug manufacturing for health supplements and live biotherapeutics markets, they stand out as a key player in the field. Lallemand draws on 90 years of experience to tackle challenges related to gas transfer, viability loss, and stability issues. Their manufacturing facilities adhere to the highest quality standards, including Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP Pharma). With the launch of Expert’Biome™ CDMO, Lallemand leverages its extensive know-how to support partners in developing next-generation strains.

Expert’Biome™ covers a wide range of services:

  • Strain Research and Development: Lallemand excels in characterizing and optimizing microbial strains for health supplements or live biotherapeutics.
  • Bioprocess Scaling: They ensure a seamless transition from laboratory to commercial production, maintaining strain integrity and quality, for both live bacteria, known as probiotics, and heat-inactivated bacteria, known as postbiotics
  • Drug Manufacturing: Regulatory approvals have opened doors for next-gen microbiome strains, and Expert’Biome™ is increasing its capacity to produce these potential drugs, adhering to international standards.
 A Bright Future for Microbiome Solutions

As the microbiome landscape evolves, Lallemand Health Solutions remains at the forefront. Expert’Biome™ CDMO, combined with their unwavering commitment to excellence, will undoubtedly shape the future of microbiome-based therapeutics.

Furthermore, Lallemand will invest in production of live biotherapeutics and probiotics at their Saint-Simon (Cantal, France) plant.

These investments will enhance production capacities, allowing CDMO activity to progress, whilst being aligned with EU-GMP pharma standards, and support sustainable growth in a dynamic market. In an era where probiotics significantly impact the dietary and food supplements market, Lallemand’s purpose-driven leadership powers positive change.

“With Expert’Biome™ CDMO by Lallemand we leverage our know-how to support our partners in the development of next-generation strains. We are one of the few players able to provide a full line of integrated services ranging from research and development, commercial production, and regulatory support to address key challenges of health supplements, live biotherapeutic and drug manufacturing markets,”

explains Laurie Rey, Head of Expert’Biome™ CDMO Business development.

For further inquiries, contact Laurie Rey, Head of Expert’Biome™ CDMO Business Development, at Dr. Rey’s extensive experience ensures streamlined project execution and successful collaborations.


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