Lallemand Health Solutions and dsm-firmenich: New Partnership for Early-Life Synbiotic Solutions

Lallemand Health Solutions and dsm-firmenich are joining forces to launch early-life synbiotic solutions, leveraging the synergy of probiotics and human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs).

Unlocking the synergy between probiotics and HMOs to provide infants with the best of start, Lallemand Health Solutions, a pioneer in probiotics, and dsm-firmenich, innovators in nutrition, health and beauty, have announced a new partnership. Together they are introducing four science-based synbiotic concepts to support infant health and development across the following areas:

  1. Gut health: Infant microbiome and gut maturation
  2. Natural defenses: Immune system development
  3. Mental health: Gut-brain axis and cognition
  4. Metabolic health: Growth and development

Helping establish a healthy microbiome: Bridging infant formula and breast milk

These synbiotic solutions aim to establish a healthy microbiome and bridge the gap between the composition and functionality of infant formula and that of breast milk. Promising research demonstrates that HMOs selectively promote the growth of specific probiotic strains and enhance the production of metabolites related to gut health, natural defenses, cognition, growth, and development. Lallemand’s probiotic strains for infants have been well-documented in numerous clinical studies, demonstrating both efficacy and safety. By combining these elements, the new synbiotic solutions strive to align infant formula more closely with breast milk—the gold standard for infant nutrition—and contribute to the establishment of a healthy gut microbiome. Brand owners active in the space of infant nutrition can access these synergic synbiotic combinations exclusively through dsm-firmenich, whereas Lallemand Health Solutions will continue driving innovation by proposing these synergistic synbiotic combinations through their food supplement solutions. 

Isabelle Champié, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Lallemand Health Solutions, states:

“At Lallemand Health Solutions, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of probiotic research and development to create solutions that promote optimal health and well-being. Our Expert’Biotic probiotic baby strains have been clinically documented in more than 1,600 infants, demonstrating proven safety and efficacy. By combining them with dsm-firmenich’s science-backed HMOs, we have created innovative, synergistic solution concepts that establish a strong foundation for infants’ health by supporting the development of their microbiome during this important early-life period. We are delighted to bring this innovation to the dietary and food supplement market.”

 James Young, Vice President of Early-Life Nutrition at dsm-firmenich, emphasizes:

“All infants deserve the best start in life, and access to optimum nutrition during early life is essential. Our partnership with Lallemand Health Solutions represents a significant milestone in the early-life nutrition market. By leveraging our deep understanding of HMOs and Lallemand’s world-class probiotics, we are poised to set a new standard for synbiotics in infant nutrition. We are confident that this collaboration will enable us to meet the evolving needs of parents and infants, ultimately making a positive impact on the lives of families globally.”