KNOW Bio Announces Creation of Digestive Health Therapeutics, Inc.

KNOW Bio, LLC., (the Company), a North Carolina developer of nitric oxide-based medical technology and related biotechnology companies, announced that the Company has formed a new wholly-owned operating subsidiary, Digestive Health Therapeutics, Inc, to develop the Company’s technology in the field of gastroenterology.

Dr. Mark Schoenfisch, inventor of the enabling technology and KNOW Bio Director stated,

“Nitric oxide is a cellular messenger with important roles in a number of physiological processes within gastroenterology and hepatology, including altering the gastrointestinal microbiome, malignancy, motility, mucosal function, inflammatory responses, and blood flow regulation. Our technology delivers nitric oxide to organs in the body in a unique way to enable modulating processes with local concentrations of nitric oxide previously not achievable. Our initial interest is developing treatments for conditions known to be associated with nitric oxide deficiency. We have a broad range of therapeutically active compounds that provide tunable nitric oxide release. The rate of release, the payload, and release location are each important considerations depending on the biological origin of dysfunction. We are actively working to identify the optimal nitric oxide release properties to achieve the greatest benefit for specific gastrointestinal disorders. While the nitric oxide release chemistry is predictable, the effects of payloads and release kinetics on restoring specific gastrointestinal functions require careful evaluation.”

Neal Hunter, Managing Director and CEO of KNOW Bio noted

“KNOW Bio’s strategy is to expand our technology into therapeutic areas based on the likelihood nitric oxide can benefit patients with unmet or underserved medical needs in those areas. The creation of an operating company comes after years of scientific, technical, medical, and business development. It marks the end of a period of preparation with almost a year of testing in conjunction with a large pharma partner in both invitro and animal models. With patients in mind, the therapeutic potential of our technology must be developed in the context of alleviating medical conditions adversely affecting digestive health.”

Stephen DeCherney, MD, MPH, Professor of Medicine in the Division of Endocrinology at UNC School of Medicine and a Director of KNOW Bio, stated,

“KNOW Bio is first and foremost focused on improving the human condition. Conditions and dysfunctions of digestive health impose a significant burden on human health as they tend to broadly impact the overall well-being of patients. The formation of this entity reflects KNOW Bio’s commitment to this important field with challenging afflictions and significant unmet medical need.”

KNOW Bio is based in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina and is a nitric oxide life science incubator for operating companies utilizing leveraged drug development models using small teams with high quality service contractors and suppliers.