Holobiome Announces Second Collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Innovation

Holobiome, a biotechnology company developing microbiome therapeutics that target the gut-brain-axis, announces a research collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. focused on developing proprietary bacterial consortia to treat digestive disorders. Johnson & Johnson Innovation LLC facilitated the transaction. Holobiome will receive an upfront payment, plus additional payments contingent upon completing developmental milestones.

This follows a similar agreement with the Company announced in January of 2018, which is focused around developing microbiome therapeutics for sleep disorders and related comorbidities.

“Recent findings continue to highlight the link between the human microbiome – the trillions of bacteria that live on and in us – and diseases of the central and enteric nervous systems. At Holobiome, we are excited to work with the Johnson & Johnson Consumer team to help bridge these emerging scientific advancements into potential solutions for patients. This second collaboration brings our goals one step closer to reality,”

said Philip Strandwitz, CEO and Co-Founder of Holobiome.