Holobiome Acquires Microbiome Startup AsiaBiome

Holobiome and AsiaBiome announce that they have closed a transaction for the acquisition of AsiaBiome by Holobiome. This acquisition unites two innovative life sciences companies that are committed to finding solutions to promote health through the human microbiome.

AsiaBiome, founded in Hong Kong in 2016 (as Civet Biosciences), was the first microbiome-focused startup in Asia discovering live biotherapeutics. It paved a way for biotechnology companies to unlock the power of the Asian gut microbiome. The company created a human microbiome donor network of more than 8,000 participants in Asia, as well as supported several studies of fecal microbiome transplant as an intervention.

“Our goal is to map how human gut bacteria influence human health – but to do that right, we need access to microbes sourced from many geographies. As such, we are pleased to acquire the AsiaBiome sample collection and datasets.”

said Dr. Philip Strandwitz, co-founder and CEO of Holobiome.

“Holobiome is the perfect partner for AsiaBiome,”

said Jonathan Krive, co-founder and CEO of AsiaBiome.

“Holobiome has assembled one of the best microbiology teams in the world, which is crucial to decoding the microbiome. We strongly believe that Holobiome’s approach to mapping the microbiome by focusing on mechanisms of action will yield important health products and therapeutics for consumer and patients, and usher in the next generation of human health.”

Holobiome intends to leverage the AsiaBiome sample bank and donor network to expand its bacterial strain collection, with the goal to isolate a representative of every known bacterial species found in the human gut. The acquisition also gives Holobiome a footprint in Asia to further expand in the future.

As part of the transaction, Jonathan Krive will join Holobiome as Chief Business Officer. Krive has spent more than a decade in corporate development, including facilitating cross-border transactions with Peking University Healthcare Corp. and TripAdvisor APAC. He is a graduate of the Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA program, and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

Holobiome acquired AsiaBiome for an undisclosed amount, which includes cash, milestone and royalty payments, and equity.

About AsiaBiome

AsiaBiome, founded in Hong Kong in 2016 (as Civet Biosciences), was the first microbiome-focused startup in Asia discovering live bio-therapeutics. The company created a human microbiota bank to support fecal transplants, helping hundreds of patients in Asia. By identifying some of the healthiest stool donors, the company began to uncover which bacteria are important for human health and treating disease. The company was founded by 3 co-founders, and backed by multiple investors, including 500 Startups, StartUp Health, Katapult Accelerator, and angel investors.

About Holobiome

Holobiome is a microbiome science company located in Boston. The company has created a world-class microbial platform, powered by a large bacterial strain library, proprietary culturomics, and advanced screening and development methods. The company has been supported by Amgen, Johnson & Johnson and Unilever, as well as non-dilutive grants from the National Institute for Health and the Translational Research Institute for Space Health. The company is currently advancing two microbial products targeting the gut-brain-axis, and screening microbes for multiple uses in human health. Holobiome has received venture backing from Corundum Systems Biology, Alexandria Venture Investments, iSelect Fund, and angel investors.