GP Solutions Creates New “Living Soils” for Consumers, Gardeners and Farmers

New bio-technologies give rise to a new product formulation that will disrupt the $262 billion organic food market

GP Solutions(OTC:GWPD), a leading developer of modular automated micro-farms, has created a category-disrupting, proprietary lineup of premium “living soils.”

GP Solutions created a unique growth medium called “Prolific” that contains no native soil. Prolific is composed of a diverse population of beneficial bacteria and fungi, which create an ideal environment for abundant, healthy crops of all types.

An article in The Scientist reported, “Plants are populated by a cornucopia of diverse microorganisms,” and that adding beneficial microbes in the form of a “plant probiotic” could produce healthier, more robust harvests.

A research study published by Microbial Biotechnology, confirmed that these probiotics enhance crop production.

“Plant-associated microbiomes have tremendous potential to improve plant resilience and yields in farming systems,” the scientific journal reported.

GP Solutions developed this proprietary growth medium with accountability and traceability for each ingredient.

“As consumers become aware of the differences between dirty farming, which contains contaminated human and sewage waste byproducts in the soil, and clean farming, which contains a diverse beneficial microbial population that produces mineral rich crops, the demand for our living growth medium will increase exponentially,”

said George Natzic, President of GP Solutions.

GP Solutions will be providing Prolific to customers of GrowPod™ automated farms, as well as to the general public within the near future.

“This is not just disrupting the organic and farming industries, it is the dawning of a new era in agriculture,” Natzic added.