EU-Funding: Micreos Awarded €2.5 Million for Breakthrough for Skin Problems Including Acne and Eczema

For its research in the field of antibacterial technology, Dutch biotech Micreos was awarded the highest possible sum of €2.5 million under the EU’s SME-innovation program Horizon 2020. With this funding Micreos can accelerate the availability of its innovative products – marketed under the Gladskin brand – for inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, eczema and rosacea. This can help alleviate the suffering of millions coping with these conditions every day.

Horizon 2020 is an EU-initiative to stimulate research and innovation, supporting business ideas that have a high chance of success to improve the social wellbeing and global competitiveness of the EU and its citizens. Of the almost 2000 proposals submitted, only approximately 4% was awarded. According to the jury representing the EU-Commission:

“Gladskin can radically change the global dermatological market. In addition, the company possesses the necessary motivation and expertise”.

The fact that Micreos can already roll out a ready product was another important criterium that convinced the EU-jury.

World’s first microbiome-friendly alternative to antibiotics

According to the WHO, antibiotic resistance is one of humanity’s biggest health threats, claiming an estimated 10 million extra deaths per year by 2050, unless alternatives to antibiotics are developed. One such alternative, Staphefekt™ SA.100, has been developed by Micreos. It specifically kills Staphylococcus aureus – including the resistant MRSA – but contrary to antibiotics it leaves the good bacteria intact, thus helping to rebalance the skin microbiome. This makes it suitable for daily use for people suffering from inflammatory skin conditions, many of which are caused or aggravated by S. aureus.

From skincare to MRSA

Micreos CEO Mark Offerhaus:

“Gladskin has had a life-changing impact for thousands of people, we’re committed to reaching the millions of others who stand to benefit and to develop the technology to its full potential”.

The company is also developing a range of pharmaceutical products, including a product against MRSA in wound infections and a product against a particular form of skin cancer associated with excessive colonization by particular bacteria.

Micreos plans to use the funds to increase the production capacity of its endolsyin SA.100, to conduct additional placebo-controlled double-blind studies and increase the availability of Gladskin products across Europe.