Elanco Announces Collaboration Agreement with Novozymes for Nutritional Health Innovation

Elanco Animal Health Incorporated (NYSE:ELAN), announced today a new global R&D collaboration with Novozymes A/S (OMX: NZYM B), the world leader in biological solutions, to develop nutritional health products for beef cattle and dairy cows globally.

The effort will leverage Novozymes’ leading discovery and development programs, and together the companies will collaborate to develop a R&D pipeline and commercialize products in the next decade.

“Nutritional health is an exciting platform that will define the next generation of feed additives to improve the health and performance of food animals,”

said Aaron Schacht, executive vice president, Innovation, Regulatory and Business Development of Elanco Animal Health.

“This collaboration expands our growing nutritional health capability into cattle and underscores Elanco’s commitment to bring producers innovative alternatives to antibiotics, while preserving the health and welfare of the animal.”

Identifying and developing new products and tools to help manage the animal’s microbiome, control infections, and reduce gut inflammation while decreasing the need for medically important antibiotics is a top priority for Elanco.

“We are excited to collaborate with Elanco to develop nutritional health products for dairy cows and beef cattle production that can improve sustainability in the industry,”

said Susanne Palsten Buchardt, vice president, Animal Health & Nutrition at Novozymes.

“The collaboration is an important step in our efforts to deliver sustainable solutions for better lives in a growing world.”

Applying new biological and sustainable tools for animal health and nutrition in cattle production is more challenging with their complicated digestive systems, longer lives and less integrated production with significantly more co-mingling of animals. Partnering the complementary capabilities of Elanco and Novozymes, from research to commercialization, will further advance these efforts.

“The world leading research, development and production capabilities from Novozymes, combined with Elanco’s global commercial presence, is a great match and together we will bring innovative solutions to meet diverse customer and consumer needs,”

Schacht said.

As part of Elanco’s 8-point Antibiotic Stewardship Plan released in 2015, Elanco aims to deliver a total of 25 viable antibiotic alternative development projects by 2020 that address critical unmet challenges in livestock production and reduce the need for shared‐class antibiotics that are also critical to human medicine. To date, Elanco has identified and added 16 alternative development projects to its pipeline.