Crown Laboratories Acquires Xycrobe™ Therapeutics, Inc.

Crown Laboratories, Inc. (“Crown”), a leading, fully integrated skin care company, announced it has acquired Xycrobe Therapeutics, Inc. (“Xycrobe”).

Xycrobe’s technology focuses on utilizing the ubiquitous nature of skin microbes by turning them into vehicles for the delivery of biotherapeutics. By developing innovations that take advantage of these microbes, better solutions are possible for an array of clinical indications. Xycrobe technology addresses the needs of patients with inflammatory skin disease through the development of “good” bacteria strains, designed to be used for therapeutic purposes. Xycrobe’s technology is challenging the current treatment paradigm for inflammatory skin issues.

The skin microbiome is comprised of good and bad microbes. Depending upon a multitude of factors such as age, sex, environment, genetics and lifestyle, a person may experience a break down or flare in their skin leading to inflammation or even skin infections. Xycrobe has developed patent-pending “probiotic-like” Xycrobes intended to replace pathogenic bacterial flora with microbes expressing skin-healthy biotherapeutics.

“Acquiring Xycrobe Therapeutics is a significant milestone, as it not only allows us to explore the ways we will leverage microbiome science across our portfolio, but also brings a very talented team of scientists to our R&D group,”

said Jeff Bedard, Crown’s President and CEO.

“Incorporating this technology into our portfolio will be a major focus and once commercialized, will elevate our place in therapeutic skin care.  I am inspired by the team and the research to date and look forward to significant innovation coming out of this group in the near future.”

“Using naturally occurring, skin-healthy microbes to deliver biotherapeutic molecules to the skin allows for safe and controlled treatments,”

said Thomas Hitchcock, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Xycrobe and Chief Science Officer of Crown Laboratories.

“Current therapies often can have safety or side-effect issues that can limit efficacy and compliance. By using our own skin microbes, we are optimizing our natural skin environment and reducing the need for harsh, system-altering treatments. Xycrobe technology is an important development in improving the way skin treatments are delivered. The opportunities Crown has identified for Xycrobe’s technology are synergistic with the vision I had for the company, and I am thrilled to advance to the next stage the remarkable efforts of everyone who was instrumental in getting Xycrobe to this point.”

“We continue to seek opportunities that will enhance our portfolio,”

added David Solomon, Partner of Hildred Capital Partners and Chairman of Crown.

“Investing in innovative science to deliver novel skin care treatments supports our mission of providing high quality therapies for our physicians and their patients. Xycrobe’s cutting edge microbiome science is a great addition as we continue to build a world class skin care company.”

Crown intends to explore use of the Xycrobe technology across its brand portfolio; including its Aesthetics (Bellus Medical), Beauty (Vita Liberata) and Consumer divisions. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.