CosmosID Microbiome Technology Wins Prestigious Global Water Summit Technology Idol Award

CosmosID is the recipient of the 2018 Technology Idol award presented at the recent Global Water Summit held in Paris, France. This prestigious prize is awarded annually by a panel of judges to a new water technology with greatest potential for positive change in the world of water.

Manoj Dadlani, CEO of CosmosID, presented technology developed to determine microbial contamination of water, utilizing metagenomic sequencing of water microbiota.

Clean water is now recognized to be a precious commodity. Global efforts currently are focused on fighting an epidemic of antibiotic resistance in pathogenic microbes, but safe drinking water, free of pathogens and of antibiotic resistant microorganisms, is necessary to maintain global public health.  Thus, effective surveillance technologies are needed to monitor waste water, agricultural effluent, and drinking water reservoirs to ensure clean water free of pathogens and carriers of antibiotic resistance.

CosmosID serves the water community with commercial offerings that include certified end-to-end testing by microbiome sequencing at the company laboratories in Rockville, Maryland and class-leading bioinformatics for microbial detection, identification, and characterization.

The founder and chairman of CosmosID, Dr. Rita R. Colwell, is the recipient of a long list of recognitions honoring her for outstanding research addressing the world’s water problems, including the 2018 Singapore Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize and the 2010 Stockholm Water Prize awarded under the patronage of the King of Sweden. “I am delighted that this award is in recognition of the value of CosmosID’s newly developed technology in providing safe water for domestic, agricultural, and industrial applications,” commented Dr. Colwell.

“We are deeply honored by the award and fully committed to offer affordable and reliable testing,” said Manoj Dadlani who demonstrated at the summit how the company is setting new standards for sensitivity and precision with proprietary technology comprised of the world’s largest knowledge base containing both microbial genome information and patented algorithms that allow leveraging machine learning to achieve actionable results.