Clalit Health Services & DayTwo Join Forces to Bring to Market Glycemic-Control Product Based on the Gut Microbiome

Clalit Health Services, the leading HMO in Israel, and DayTwo are partnering to bring to market a glycemic-control product for people with Type 2 diabetes. The glycemic-control offering is based on the genetic sequencing of gut microbiome and additional personal and clinical parameters. The glycemic-control product will be offered to Clalit members at the beginning of 2019.

The technology was developed following a groundbreaking study by Prof. Eran Segal, and Prof. Eran Elinav of the Weizmann Institute of Science, who discovered that the same foods cause different blood sugar reactions in different people (Cell, Nov 2015). This discovery led to the development of a machine learning algorithm that predicts each person’s individual blood sugar response to a wide variety of foods and offers nutritional recommendations tailored to each person’s personal profile.

The DayTwo glycemic-control offering will be integrated into Clalit’s nutrition and dietetic services. Clalit’s members will be able to order a test kit, provide microbiome samples for genetic sequencing, and answer a health questionnaire. After sequencing, Clalit members will receive a personalized nutrition plan, using a unique application, that will help maintain balanced glycemic levels and will also receive online consultations with Clalit’s registered dietitians for meal-planning assistance and onboarding.

Zipi Sadeh, [E.V.P & G.M community health division] :

“We are in the midst of a technology-driven personalized medicine revolution that makes it possible to tailor treatments to each patient. DayTwo‘s technology is groundbreaking on a global scale, and brings personalized medicine to the world of nutrition. Until now, we have followed clinical guidelines that have been generalized for everyone … today, we can offer personalized nutrition, based on personalized parameters, including the gut microbiome, preferences, and lifestyle. Clalit will be the first health plan in Israel to provide its members the benefit of this innovative technology.”

Irit Poraz,  [Head, clinical Nutrition and Dietetics] added:

“DayTwo’s technology aims to reduce the fluctuation in post meal blood sugar levels. Balancing blood sugar levels after eating is critical in planning a balanced diet, particularly for people with diabetes, pre-diabetes and other metabolic chronic conditions. We believe that DayTwo‘s nutrition revolution will allow our patients to customize a personal diet plan, and enjoy the many benefits of balanced blood sugar: improved energy levels, reduced fatigue, and improved management of high blood sugar issues. DayTwo is a tool we can use in clinical practice for almost everyone: the healthy population, people with diabetes, pre-diabetic people, and postpartum women who developed gestational diabetes during pregnancy.”

Lior Wolff, [Head, eHealth & Digital Wing]

Clalit is a world-leader in adopting innovative solutions that improve health. We are thrilled to integrate DayTwo’s evidence-based solutions as part of our clinical practice. The partnership with DayTwo is an exciting step away from the legacy clinical model that advises people ‘what not to eat,’ and a step towards empowering patients to know ‘what they can eat’, personalized for their unique body. DayTwo has threaded-the-needle with a glycemic-control solution that brings patients healthy options that are delicious, easy to adhere to and improve health while lowering health risks.”

Lihi Segal, CEO and Co-Founder of DayTwo:

“Science and technology have the potential to unlock our body’s secrets to improve our health. We congratulate Clalit for choosing to lead and embrace science and technology where they can be applied to personalized medicine today.  Our partnership is another step in Clalit’s leadership to provide state-of-the-art healthcare and well-being for their members.”