Bloom Science and Biose industrie Announce Agreement to Initiate Manufacture Development of Promising Epilepsy Therapy Drug

Bloom Science and Biose industrie announced today an agreement for the manufacture development of Bloom Science’s novel epilepsy Live Biotherapeutic Product (LBP). Bloom is targeting rare epileptic syndromes with orally-delivered pharmaceutical compositions of specific combined strains of naturally-occurring microbes. These microbes are designed to act on the GABAergic system. Under the agreement, Biose industrie will develop a manufacturing process at its industry leading development and manufacturing facility in France.

Dr. Christopher Reyes, CSO of Bloom Science said, “Biose industrie’s best-in-class manufacturing capabilities will complement our strong discovery and development platform and greatly support our goal to deliver the highest quality and most effective microbiota-based therapeutics.”

Bloom Science is rapidly advancing the science of translating the ketogenic diet into a new class of neuroprotective medicines for patients with epilepsy and other challenging neurological conditions.  Tony Colasin, CEO at Bloom Science, commented, “Developing a robust manufacturing process for these difficult to grow bacteria represents an important milestone for Bloom and patients.”

Biose industrie, CEO Adrien Nivoliez “Biose industrie are proud to collaborate with Bloom Science in the development of this novel LBP targeting epilepsy and the exciting field of the gut Brain axis. This is another example of Biose industrie’s ability to support and partner within the world of Live Biotherapeutic Products”