Biose Industrie Raises Eur 30 Million To Strengthen Its Position As The Reference Microbiome Cdmo

Biose Industrie announced the closing of a €30 million funding round led by Cathay Capital, alongside the company’s management team, banking partners and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Thanks to this funding found, Biose Industrie will benefit from Cathay Capital’s support as it accelerates its development and strengthens its leadership position in the field of microbiome therapeutics.

Founded in 1951, Biose Industrie has more than 60 years’ experience in the development and production of drugs from living bacteria. Since 2017, Biose Industrie has established itself as the reference CDMO (Contract development and manufacturing organisation) on the global market for Live Biotherapeutic Products (“LBP”), innovative drugs based on the human microbiota.

The human microbiota consists of billions of beneficial microorganisms populating the organs (skin, stomach, lung, etc.) of a healthy individual. Today, hundreds of drug candidates using some of these microorganisms are being developed to cure diseases as diverse as Crohn’s disease, autism, certain cancers or CoVid-19, making the Human Microbiome a particularly promising area for the identification of new treatments.

Biose Industrie provides pharmaceutical laboratories and biotechs worldwide with a complete and integrated service carrying out these drugs’ entire production process, from design to finished products.

Thanks to the investments carried out over the last 3 years under the leadership of Adrien Nivoliez, CEO of Biose Industrie, the company is today the undisputed leader in this market, both in terms of skills and production capacity. Thanks to these assets, Biose Industrie, based in Aurillac at the heart of the Cantal area, has already convinced many new first-rate customers among biotechs and pharmaceutical laboratories in Europe, but also in the United States and Asia, leading to an annual growth of its activity of more than 100% since 2017.

Cathay Capital’s investment will accelerate the realization of Biose Industrie’s ambitious roadmap initiated 3 years ago and so increase its production capacities in all areas, from development to commercial production, strengthen its teams, and through scaling up its international expansion, it will broaden its offer, develop its turnover and consolidate its global leadership.

Cathay Capital will especially support Biose Industrie’s endeavors in the United States, an already key geography for the company, and in China, where developments around the microbiota are accelerating rapidly.

Adrien Nivoliez, CEO of Biose Industrie, said:

Over the last three years, we have established ourselves as the leading pharmaceutical CDMO for the development, and clinical and commercial production of microorganisms. Our aim is to shape the industrial structuring of the LBP market. 30 million euros will be invested over the next 4 years in our Aurillac industrial facility to strengthen our offer and industrial capacities. These capacity investments will lead to new production units but also to regulatory investments to support our FDA certification objective.”

Fabien Wesse, Partner at Cathay Capital, added:

Biose Industrie’s ambitious project is more relevant than ever in this period we are going through. Adrien Nivoliez and Stanislas Desjonquères were visionary in investing massively, at a very early stage, in LBP, one of the most promising areas of healthcare in years to come. Firmly established at the heart of the Cantal region, the company quickly seized global leadership thanks to its cutting-edge know-how and unique production capacities. We are delighted that they have chosen us as partners and minority shareholders to accompany them in this new phase of accelerated growth, particularly at the international scale. We will now support Biose Industrie through our global platform and expertise in the healthcare sector and the CDMO segment, which is a privileged investment area for us.”

Stanislas Desjonquères, the company’s historical shareholder, concluded:

The first role of shareholders is to provide the company with the financial means for its development, so as not to give up any strategic opportunities. This duty is even more important for Biose Industrie, whose growth, at the service of its biotech customers, contributes to accelerating research in therapeutic microbiota and to better treatment for patients against numerous diseases. We are delighted to welcome Cathay, with whom we share this common goal.”