Biocodex Invests in TargEDys

TargEDys announces that BIOCODEX has acquired a share of its capital and appoints new board members.

Biocodex is an independent multinational pharmaceutical company built on high-standard science and manufacturing, with six decades of proven success. Founded in 1953, Biocodex’s initial focus was gastroenterology featuring a unique probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii CNCM I-745®, the first probiotic drug of its kind that has a positive effect on the gut’s microflora.

The new strain developed by TargEDys, Hafnia alvei 4597 is the first probiotic strain on the market with a fully elucidated molecular-level mechanism of action. It acts on the gut-brain axis to regulate the appetite and metabolic diseases.

Biocodex has acquired the shares previously owned by Zaluvida and participated in a new series of financing with the historic shareholders Seventure Partners and NCI.

Two New Board Members Have Joined the TargEDys Board of Directors: Jean-Marie Lefèvre, Biocodex CEO as a new board member and Virginie Husson, Biocodex VP of Finance as a board observer.

I am delighted that Biocodex has decided to invest in TargEDys. We look forward to working together to expand the reach of our technologies and our novel probiotic EnteroSatys® and welcoming Jean-Marie Lefévre and Virginie Husson to the TargEDys Board.

commented Gregory Lambert, CEO & VP R&D of TargEDy’s.