AMICOGEN Inc. and Lysando AG Bring Partnership to the Next Level With Ownership Participations in Each Other’s Companies

South Korean KOSDAQ listed AMICOGEN Inc. will become the latest shareholder in Lysando AG. The transaction includes an acquisition of shares, a cash contribution to Lysando and a share package to Lysando into AMICOGEN.
The deal means an 8% participation of AMICOGEN into Lysando and 2.69% in shares for Lysando into AMICOGEN. The transactions were negotiated with a 300 Mio. Euro evaluation of Lysando.

Other shareholders of Lysando continue to be majority owner and Chairman of the Board Markus Graf Matuschka von Greiffenclau, Bangkok based SCG, and Lysando’s employees.

The companies have already a productive partnership in place, based on Lysando´s leading platform Artilysin®. It is a globally patented, sustainable and highly effective technology, fighting resistance of microbes, as an alternative to antibiotics and other antimicrobial treatments.

I am very happy and proud to welcome AMICOGEN as a new shareholder of Lysando. AMICOGEN being such a strong and successfully operating CDMO, Asian markets, in particular China and South Korea, can now be approached faster and with the highest level of sufficiency. Our microbiome-friendly Artilysin®-platform has incredible potential for the benefit of humanity, pets, farmed animals and the environment which can be implemented even better now,

says Lysando´s chairman Markus Graf Matuschka von Greiffenclau.

Global spreading resistance and our increasing knowledge about the importance of a balanced microbiome require innovation and a new way of thinking. We had been impressed with the potential of Artilysin® from the very beginning. I am looking very much forward pushing our partnership to the next level, intensifying our company´s interfaces and therefore merge know-how to even further drive the success and growth of the Artilysin®-platform,

says Yong Chul Shin, CEO of AMICOGEN.

Amicogen Inc.

Amicogen Inc., 092040:KOSDAQ develops, produces and markets specialty enzymes and functional food ingredients. The company offers special biocatalysts, enzyme-based new functional materials, health foods, and consumer products.

Lysando AG

Lysando AG is market-leader for antimicrobial proteins, so-called Artilysin®s.
Artilysin®s are a new class of molecules showing a high resistance stability and are microbiome- and environmentally-friendly. Artilysin®s can be employed in all fields, bacteria present a problem like Medical Devices, Human Pharmaceutics, Animal Health and Consumer Care.