AI-Powered Precision Nutrition Plan by Enbiosis Improves IBS symptoms compared to low FODMAP diet

In a newly published study, Enbiosis’ AI-designed personalized diet was shown to significantly improve patients’ IBS symptoms. The results of this study provide further clinical evidence of Enbiosis’ expertise in AI-powered precision nutrition following their pilot studies in Gut Microbes and Journal of Clinical Medicine.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a common chronic disorder with gastrointestinal symptoms like gas, bloating, and changes in bowel habits affecting nearly 15% of the worldwide population. IBS not only affects physical health but also has a profound impact on social life. Emerging research highlights the role of the gut microbiome in IBS treatment, emphasizing the need for personalized interventions to improve patient outcomes.

Published in the renowned American Journal of Gastroenterology, the multicenter randomized controlled trial compared the efficacy of a microbiome-based AI-assisted personalized diet with a low FODMAP diet for IBS management in 121 patients over a 6 week period.  The data indicated significant improvements over a range of IBS symptoms including:

  • Positive microbiome shifts in both alpha and beta diversity and taxa alterations
  • 103-point decrease in IBS symptom severity score
  • 40% decrease in abdominal pain and distension severity
  • 30% decrease in abdominal pain frequency, bowel habits, and life interference
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Reduced anxiety and depression levels
  • Increased levels of beneficial bacteria like Faecalibacterium prausnitzii, known as one of the most important butyric acid producers

“Our unique microbiome AI-based diet algorithm is the most effective nutritherapeutic solution for IBS patients and this is just the beginning.”

said Omer Ozkan, CEO of Enbiosis.

“A Low FODMAP diet has long been considered the gold standard in IBS management, yet it is a very restrictive elimination diet that only suppresses symptoms and does not solve the root cause of the problem. Enbiosis’ precision diet strategy emerges as the best approach in IBS treatment, going beyond symptom relief to address the underlying disease through microbiome modulation.”

said Beyza Hilal Ermiş, M. Sc., R&D Dietitian at Enbiosis Biotechnology.

“While AI technologies have begun to permeate all aspects of life, they have also found intriguing applications in microbiome-based genomics. As AI continues to evolve, its integration into microbiome research holds the potential to revolutionize our approach to health and disease management. They offer a significant opportunity to uncover the hidden associations between the human microbiome and health, as well as to identify novel biomarkers within the vast expanse of metagenomic data. These algorithms are anticipated to become an essential component of health monitoring, enabling non-invasive early diagnosis of various diseases, and paving the way for innovative therapeutic approaches.”

said Özkan Ufuk Nalbantoğlu, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer of Enbiosis.


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About Enbiosis

Enbiosis is a UK-based biotechnology company dedicated to unraveling the complexity of the gut microbiome and its impact on human well-being and diseases by leveraging big data and AI. Closely working with practitioners in the UK and US, Enbiosis revolutionizes patient care with truly personalized recommendations based on AI microbiome analysis and supports their practice.

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